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C.PaulrajNadar, founder of Annai Jewellers, was born in a middle class family in 1921. He started a small fruit shop in front of the centenary municipality building at Tuticorin, which is south east in Tamilnadu. He earned good name in short period, due to his hardwork he has converted his fruit shop in to mixed fruit juice shop. Because of his palatable mixed fruit juice, people in and around Tuticorin visited frequently and tasted his juice. His juice fame spread around the southern district of Tamilnadu and thereby increasing his income in business. He put his whole work in to his business and through his honesty his business is increased day by day at greater level.He spent the money earned in his fruit juice business in other speculation and became a great trader. Not only in speculation, he also invested in gold loan(Pawn Brokers) business in 1982 in kasukadai bazaar at Tuticorin. During that time his three sons P.Vinayaga Moorthy,P.Muruganantham and P.Selvaraj helped their father in his business. Pawn Broking business gained popularity among people. He and his sons gathered experience and knowledge about gold and gold jewellery.