Rotary Central TTK VHS Blood Bank

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The Blood Bank is licensed by the Drug Controller and all blood samples are screened for HIV, hepatitis, VDRL for AIDS, and Jaundice and STD respectively before they are transfused. The services of the Blood Bank are available round the clock. It is staffed by qualified and trained medical officers, staff nurses, technicians, and blood bank workers. It has a well-equipped air-conditioned van to go for blood donation camps and for transportation of blood and blood units collected for immediate processing.

All blood and blood components are given free of cost to all the patients with hemophilia and thalassemia irrespective of their income groups. The value of such free blood issued during the year 2017-18 amounted to Rs.49.38 lakh (Rs. 37.39 lakh in 2016-17). Also, blood is issued at a 50% discount to the General Ward patients.