Topaz Furniture

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TOPAZ FURNITURES has rapidly expanded since 1981 and owns a permanent place in the hearts of thousands of customers in Tamil Nadu.The Furniture production grown tremendously with good customers and employing highly committed and satisfied team. The phenomenal success of Topaz industries has driven by an unstinting commitment to quality, a fact that has been widely recognized. Wooden furniture has always figured in the history of this culture- rich state and has been assigned a value which goes beyond. The story of Topaz furniture’s is no different. It was more of an unflinching commitment than a fortunate turn of events which made a small custom-furniture emerge as an out-of the lip name for trust, quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

With over 35 years of expertise in making furniture,Topaz furniture’s has helped numerous customers in making their homes and offices more aesthetic and beautiful. Our designs are not just desirable but have an international flavor. The wood furniture pieces are beautiful to behold with unique colours and design combinations and utility driven shapes to fit with in traditional houses and modern offices. Our products are known for undisputed durability and quality .Our prices are extremely delightful.

We take complete responsibility of the products we deliver to you. We provide warranty on our products and you can purchase without any doubts. Our e-Commerce store also offers a wide range of exquisite furnishings through a market place model with national wide deliveries to cater consumer needs for a complete office or home.